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2004-06-18 - 1:30 p.m.

You know...I thought this would be easier. I can riff for hours on end with my friends, moving from topic to topic with relative ease.

I just sort of assumed that writing into the vastness that is the online community would be as easy. You know, minus the interruptions of my husband in my brilliant narratives.

It just ain't so. Apparently I need to see your eyes, to know if I am connecting with see if you are GETTING what I am saying. Because right now, YOU, faceless reader are an enigma to me. Do you want to hear about my kids? How about the endless stories about my workplace? I know, you want to hear about my pets don't you?

Ha! I know, not really. The journals that I read make me laugh. Sometimes, they make me cry. But mostly, they make me aware that I am not alone in my weirdness. There are others out there who think a little bit like me. Or do I think like them? No matter. I think I am a bit older than the average blogger (what are they? mid 20's maybe?), and not NEARLY as cool as they mostly seem to be...what the HELL is EMO? (Note to self, find it on launchcast this VERY afternoon and figure out what they are talking about).

I don't go to fun places, I dont know any famous people (hell, I dont even know any other people who keep journals! I mean, I don't think I do...)

Just what do I think I am going to write here week after week?? SIGH

Oh well, how about I just start time, and see where it goes.

Happy Friday y'all, hope you all have a great day.


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