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2004-05-13 - 11:11 p.m.

Well, here goes. I guess that every entry has to start somewhere, so I guess mine starts here.

What a long a dreary week this has been. I am soooo thankful that tomorrow is nearly here. friday. at long last.

Tomorrow is #1 son's 8th birthday. He is getting a couple of playstation games and a gift card to Home Depot. The gift card was his idea...the kid has a better tool box than his dad or I do. And when I say tool box, I mean BOX FULL OF REALLY NEAT TOOLS!!!

The presents are wrapped, the cards are printed (yes, I usually make them) all that is left is to find out where he will want to go for dinner tomorrow night. If he is running true to form, it will be the expensive fondue place just up the street. Love love love the cheese and chocolate, could do without the middle bit.

Speaking of fondue...can you imagine anywhere more fun and exciting with a nearly 4 yo and a hyped up 8 yo than a dimly lit table for four with a pot of boiling oil in the middle? HA! Wish me luck...


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