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2004-09-10 - 8:44 a.m.

OK, that entry I promised last week about WHY hubby was going to wait a week to start the new right here.

We have rental property. My, my, don't we sound financially stable and totally shit togethered? HA! In reality, what we have is a pain in the ass, bone of contention, piece of shit first house I bought before I married my hubby that we currently rent to any soul desperate enough to want to live in a 35 year old 1300sf brick 3br/1.5ba with a fenced yard on a third of an acre.

Sigh. Truthfully, the first five or six years that we rented the house were not that bad. We were blessed with decent tenants who for the most part paid the rent on time, kept up with the yard maintenance and pretty much respected the property and treated it decently. You know where this is headed I am sure...

Yes, you guessed it. Our latest tenants were the tenants from hell. We finally, finally got them out of the house after persuing eviction through the courts, and OH MY GOD...the devastation, the horror...where to begin to describe what they have done to my poor little hoouse???

Someone put their fist through the bathroom door, busting the door jam in the process.

There were maggots in the dishwasher people...MAGGOTS!!!!!

Apparently, they were breeding monkeys in the house, because I can not imagine actually raising CHILDREN in the filth they were apparently living in. The carpet is so completely destroyed, we are faced with replacing it THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE HOUSE. There is not 5sf of undamaged surface anywhere. The middle bedroom was littered with the detritus of broken toys, feces filled diapers, and remnants of half eaten meals. The maggot tally increased with each room I investigated.

Seriously, I can not detail everything we have found and the gargantuan task of restoring the house to a rentable state. My WONDERFUL darling of a mother-in-law and my soon to be employed with me hubby, have worked their ASSES OFF for the last three days,just trying to get it to the point where we can have contractors come in to quote the carpet replacement.

The STENCH is nearly gone, and there is a mound of debris higher than my head by the roadside waiting for waste management to come by, and run screaming from the hugeness of the task we set THEM.

The TENANTS (and I use that term only because the profanity I ACTUALLY use to describe them would shock you) still owe us rent and obviously will be completely forfeiting any smidgen of deposit for the damage they have caused. I am bitter and I hate feeling this way. I want bad things to happen to those people, and I know that causes bad Karma for me...Grrrr! Damn you evil TENANTS FROM HELL for doing this to us.

Hey! Anyone looking for a place to live in sunny North Florida? :-D

Y'all enjoy your weekend.


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