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2004-09-02 - 10:31 a.m.

Well! Here I sit, poised over the keys, ready to pour my heart out, and I am not sure HOW I am feeling. I am conflicted, not quite sure what words are going to come pouring out when I start. Here goes...

My husband got a job. At the company that I work for. At my urging (WHAT WAS I THINKING?)

A little background...hubby is a top-notch multiply certified automotive technician, wrench, gear-head, knuckle-buster. However, he has been miserable at his chosen trade for the last few years. In fact, he took a year off and pursued his MCSE certification just as the tech boom ended and MCSEs were as thick on the ground as fleas. So, he ended up wrenching again just a few months after completing the training courses.

Well, folks, apparently the Nissans, they just don't break like they used to, because he and three of his fellow techs got laid off last Friday. He was one of the higher paid guys in the shop and was apparently just too expensive to keep.

As it happened though, a few weeks ago, I noticed that there was a Machine Tech position open here, at my place of business. We are an electronics manufacturing company, with multiple lines in an 80,000sf plant. I tossed out the idea of applying and brought home the application. He let it lie around for a week or so, then finally got it completed and sent back in via me. Then went back to his normal work as usual. I mentioned the job a few days later to our production manager, and he told me he had made someone an offer before he got my husbands application, but would keep him in mind for the future...yeah, yeah ..whatever.

Well, he dropped the bombshell about the layoff on Sunday night (Bless his heart, he did not want to ruin my beach weekend with bad news, and kept it to himself for almost 3 days). I of course, freaked right the fuck out. Well moderately freaked (since we are in the process of refinancing our home and consolidating a LOT of debt, him being unemployed was NOT in my 5 year plan!!!) before becoming incredibly supportive and upbeat..."Hey, everything happens for a reason", "Don't worry, something will turn up"...blah blah blah.

So, Monday morning rolls around, I go to work and he waves forlornly from the lawn, watching me drive away. Yeah right!!!! in what lifetime???...I could see the joy at the thought of an unexpected week or two off just lurking behind his eyes...the bastard. Anyways...I get to work, get settled in, read a few of my favorite journals...start the second cup of coffee, when who should appear??? That is right folks, the production manager, asking if my husband was still interested in the position and when could he come in to talk to them.

HOLY SERENDIPITY BATMAN!!! I calmly replied that yes, he WAS still interested, and in my opinion would make and EXCELLENT addition to his staff.

Well, HR scheduled the interview on Monday for Wednesday morning. I had to spend two days listening to how nervous, excited, scared he was, then blammo!! He interviews, the interview team discusses and they made him a respectable offer yesterday evening which he promptly accepted. Wooo Hoo!!!

After the obligatory celebration dinner last night, we decided that he should start on the 13th (for reasons that I will cover in a later post). And all of a sudden...MY HUSBAND WORKS FOR THE SAME COMPANY THAT I DO!!!!!!

Arrrggghhhh!!! Is this a good thing?? Is this a BAAAD thing?? I just don't know. We get along fairly well on the whole. And really, I don't have much to do with the production floor ( I breathe the rarified air of the Management corridor) and will probably see him once a day at best. But still..the same building...every day...what was I thinking??????


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