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2004-07-26 - 9:07 a.m.

I sleep with a pillow between my thighs. I'm not sure when I started the habit, or even why, but I seem to sleep better, and wake with less back pain when I do it. Last night, The Man and I were in bed, wrestling over the pillow (when he can not find his, he takes mine)I got seriously silly and started a pornographic conversation with my pillow...out loud...for The Man's benefit. It went like this:

Oh baby. You know I love you. Cradled between my thighs, your softness nestled against the center of my femininity.

Your warmth, obtained from me, reflected back at me as an offering of your regard for me. We have been together for so long. You share me with him, he pushes you aside, but always I finish the night with you. Your gentle contours fit me so well, the rise and swell of the bulge you save just for me fits me, swelling ever so tightly as I squeeze my thighs together.

By this time, The Man is dying laughing, and says..."But honey, what about the nights I take him from you and he sleeps with me?" Which of course sets me off again...

Oh, you inconstant wretch!! I see you there in the dimness of the clock's light, huddling between the thighs of another, you have left me for the not so tender grip of a MAN, the rougher, hairier legs giving you stimulation that my own silky smoothness can never match (except in January, you know, when I wear pants all the time). Where for me, you bulge, for him you create a crease, an indention formed just to cup and nestle HIS ...

Of course, by this time, we are both dying laughing, the giggles eventually die down and we drift off to sleep, me cradlin' my pillow, and the man cradling me.

Y'all have a great Monday!


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