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2004-07-23 - 8:44 a.m.

Oracle is "da debil". (Thanks Mama Boucher).

No really. It is. Oracle Projects in particular is Satan's right hand. I am convinced of this. Why grace the world's SECOND largest (hear that you pussy Ellison?)software company with Satan's moniker you ask?? Because they release half-baked applications and have their little sales drones convince you that THIS version will solve all your ERP problems plus leave your pores smaller, your skin softer, and your children better behaved.

BULLSHIT! I call the BULLSHIT! card on you you evil presence.

Your SHIT does not work. And another thing...why oh why does every single fresh installation of the latest and greatest version of your software always promise to do more with less and deliver on NOTHING??? NOTHING I TELL YOU!!!

Bitter? you ask. Why no, not me, I am not bitter. I have just given the better part of 2 years of my professional life to the implementation of this shit, only to be told, "Well, THAT won't be fixed until the NEXT version of the product!!! WTF???

Oracle is "da debil", and apparently I am one of his unwilling minions. Now, where did I put my freaking pitchfork??


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